When thinking about refunds please take note of the following.

Trial Versions for Software

We offer trial versions of our software tools and applications. Please use these trial versions to evaluate if a tool or application meets your requirements and if you’re are happy to pay the requested amount for what you get with the tool or application before you buy.

Revocation Rights

Consumers in the EU usually have the right to revoke an online purchase, as described in legalese in our revocation admonition.

However, we ask you to relinquish this right if you want to purchase a digital product from us. This is legal and actually very common for digital products. The reason is simply that is possible for us to repay your money, but it is not really possible for you to “return” a digital product.

Instead we adhere to our refund policy below, which is even more friendly to you as a genuine customer because it is neither limited to consumers nor to the EU and it has a more generous time frame. Nevertheless, it allows us to refuse unreasonable or abusive refund requests without contesting them in court.

Refund policy

We guarantee to fully refund any purchase that was made due to technical or human error such as purchasing a too big volume, purchasing the same product multiple times, or accidentally purchasing the wrong product.

We also guarantee to fully refund any purchase when our product fails to deliver any feature or function, we explicitly advertised in the product description or in similar texts on this website.

The above guarantees are valid for 30 days after the purchase.

In other than the above-mentioned cases, we will decide upon refund requests on a case-by-case basis. We don’t want to take money from unhappy customers. If you request a refund shortly after your purchase and on reasonable grounds, we will grant you a refund.

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