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CommandBar Editor is an add-in for all current versions of Microsoft Access to view and edit all command bars, command bar Controls, and their properties in a Microsoft Access database application.

Command bars are still the only option to create your own context menus for your custom Access forms and controls. This tool brings back visual editing of command bars, including popup command bars (context menus) and their controls in current versions of Microsoft Access.

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Access Dev Tools – CommandBar Editor

Context menus are valuable user interface elements to provide a wide range of commands to power users of your applications without cluttering the UI. – Unfortunately, building and maintaining the pop-up command bars for context menus has become a burden since Microsoft removed the visual editing capabilities.

Get a visual overview of all your command bars

CommandBar Editor brings back visual editing of command bars in the Access user interface. It shows all command bars with their controls in a hierarchical tree view. This works with built-in command bars as well as your own custom command bars. This does not only include pop-up command bars, but also menus and toolbars. – If you maintain an application with legacy menus and toolbars, CommandBar Editor has you covered as well.

Edit All Properties in a property grid

Create new command bars and controls with the click of a button. Then comfortably edit all properties of the command bar and their controls in a visual property grid.

  • Values of enum properties can be selected from intuitive drop downs.
  • OnAction procedures or macros can be selected from a procedure/macro browser window showing all procedures or macros in your application.
  • List items for combo box or drop-down controls can be entered in the collection editor.

Easy to use add-in!

CommandBar Editor is an add-in for all current versions of Microsoft Access. (It works in Access 2007 to Access 2019, including Office/Access-365 click-to-run installations.) You install it only once and can run it in any Access application from a custom tab in the Office Ribbon with just a click. Its multi-language user interface can be easily switched between English and German.

Fair and simple licensing

CommandBar Editor is licensed per user. Each developer working with CommandBar Editor needs a license. – That’s it!

There is no restriction on the number of computers you can use it on, there is no subscription, no time limit, no strings attached. – We might charge for future major updates, though.

No Windows Admin rights required!

You do not need any special permissions to install CommandBar Editor. If you can run Microsoft Access, you should have enough permissions to install CommandBar Editor.

Download a free trial!

Try out our CommandBar Editor tool for yourself! – The trial version is fully functional for 30 days.

Important: If you have Access DevTools Find and Replace installed on your computer, you must update Find and Replace to version 1.2. or later before installing CommandBar Editor!

Trial Download for Access 32Bit

Download Free Trial
Version 1.0.0, Released 2022-04-28

Trial Download for Access 64Bit

Download Free Trial

Version 1.0.0 (x64), Released 2022-04-28


Windows Smart Screen Warning

When you are downloading the Find and Replace installer package, Windows Smart Screen might warn you the file might harm your device. Please note, the cause for this warning is that “this app is not commonly downloaded“. There is no real problem with this file. It is also digitally signed to ensure authenticity. Use the “Keep anyway” option to download the file.

Windows Smart Screen warning



Q: Is the trial version functionally limited compared to the full version?

A: No, the trial version has all the features of the full version. The trial version is only time-limited to 30 days of use and will stop to work after this trial period expired.

Q: I installed the CommandBar Editor but I don’t see it anywhere in Access. What’s going on?

A: After installing CommandBar Editor you should see a new Ribbon tab “AccDevTools” when you next start Access. If this Ribbon tab missing there is something wrong with the add-in installation. Read our blog post on add-in loading errors for the solutions to a number of known scenarios causing this problem.

Q: Does CommandBar Editor work in Access 97?

A: No. The Access Dev Tools are using the COM-Add-In technology which was not available in Access 97. We will not support Access 97

Q: Does Find and Replace work in Access 2000 / 2002 / 2003?

A: No. The all Access Dev Tools, including CommandBar Editor are using the Office Ribbon as main UI entry point. The Office Ribbon is only available with Access 2007 and later. If you want to use Find and Replace in previous versions of Access, please let us know. We might consider supporting those versions in the future.

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